The Story of the Trinity Table

cropped-table-1_1_72dpi.jpg“The Trinity Table is an experiential medium for profound relaxation, spiritual and emotional healing, and expansion of consciousness. The original Trinity Table was conceived by Jim Harmon of Ravenna TX in 1985. Developed over a period of years, the Trinity Table was introduced to the public in 1996. Through its gentle counterclockwise rotation, and rocking movement, the Table clears excess energy from the chakras. This results in an individual’s releasing physical and emotional stress allowing for greater clarity and increased insight.

The Table is experienced in a darkened room surrounded by music chosen with the individual’s intention specifically in mind. The movement and sound release energetic blockages as one’s natural flow of energy is balanced and restored. Many have opened their hearts to universal love, increased their creativity and intuition and clarified their life’s intention.

Profound spiritual growth experiences may occur while utilizing the table. These include visitations, a sense of deep knowing and oneness with the universe. Individuals frequently recognize a deeper level of integration of their personal healing work through the use of the Trinity Table.”  – from

The Trinity Table is assuredly one of the most unique energy healing tools available today and it is wonderful to have one here in Mount Shasta, CA. An experience on the Trinity Table creates a level of deep relaxation at a core cellular level. It is in that state of deep relaxation that healing on all levels can begin regardless of how subtle it may be. Many have had spiritual experiences, and shared amazing stories.

People come and experience the table for a multitude of reasons, including expanded conscious awareness, health, relaxation, meditation, spiritual healing, even curiosity. Each experience on the Trinity Table builds on itself and each experience is unique to the individual. The desires, motivations, and intentions vary accordingly. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to experience the Trinity Table with an open mind and be open to all possibilities.

This particular Trinity Table was designed and built by Jim Harmon in 2007. I had the great opportunity to help with the “finishing touches” and drive the Trinity Table back to Mount Shasta from Revenna, TX. In addition to its unique qualities as a spiritual healing tool, this Table also has a deep connection to Mother Earth. This became evident during the drive back to Mount Shasta. I believe this enhances the work being done during a session and draws on a deeper level our connection between Heaven and Earth. According to Jim Harmon, “the Table can be thought of as a sacred object, and an engine to assist in producing an enhanced environment for spiritual energy facilitation.”  

A session on the Trinity Table is such an amazingly unique, personal and mystical experience that it is tough to put into words. You may be able to gain some deep personal insights as my husband did, enter another dimension as some have or connect with someone from a past life as I did. I believe that it allows your mind to enter a very deep state like a theta type meditation, and as a result, you feel incredibly relaxed afterward. Victoria’s grounding, gentle energy compliments the table session beautifully. I can’t wait to experience this again and would recommend it to anyone. Jen Stevens, Southern CA

“The person utilizing the Trinity Table merely lies upon the table, the subtle motion provides a gentle back-to-the-womb experience allowing a deep state of relaxation to occur very rapidly.” The Table rotates very slowly while music is playing to enhance the experience. The music is as loud or as soft as the individual chooses. As sound is also energy, its vibration is also a part of the healing process. At the same time, there are those who prefer to experience the Table in Silence and their sessions have been extremely powerful.

“Note: During the experience, the lower Alpha,Theta and even Delta state can be achieved. The Theta state is that which is only reached a few moments during deep sleep or by a proficient meditator, true Delta is normally virtually impossible to achieve. The most apparent condition experienced is the elevation and balancing of the subject’s “Energetic System”.”

The experience has been described in many different ways.
“I felt like I was floating.”
“I was in a cacoon.”
“I had the feeling I was suspended in air.”
“I was at total peace.”
“I had an out of body experience.”
“I traveled the Cosmos.”
“I seemed like I was back in the womb.”
“It was indescribable.”
“Blissful, meditative, joyful, heavenly, journeying/traveling, dreaming but awake!”
The descriptions are endless…

As Jim states on his website(
The Trinity Table is very simple in concept. It could be thought of as a sacred object and a vehicle to assist in producing an enhanced environment for spiritual energy facilitation. It is what is referred to as a passive motion table, providing a gentle rocking motion and a slow rotation. It is hand constructed of wood and is driven hydraulically.

As a powerful Healing Tool the Trinity Table is working in conjunction with the Creative Consciousness and Energy. When used with the proper Intent it serves to readily open the consciousness and the connection with the Universal Energy. During healing sessions using the Trinity Table, an elevated and enhanced interdimensional energetic field is produced. This occurrence vastly increases the intensity of any healing session.

For many this process triggers profound Awakenings of their innate intuitive abilities and clearing many emotional blocks. In many cases there are even major physical problems that are resolved or helped.

At the present time, there are twenty-five tables in the country and fortunately one of them is located here in Mount Shasta. Currently it is the only Trinity Table in the northwestern part of the US. People from all over the world visiting Mount Shasta, absorbing the magnificent energy of the mountain, have had an opportunity to experience this profoundly amazing healing tool.

You are invited and welcome to expand your awareness and experience this aspect of alternative healing, energy healing, and expanded spiritual consciousness. Give yourself the gift of a session on the Trinity Table. It is truly a unique opportunity.

May your hearts continue to open to the mountain of inspiration that resides within each of you.

Special Notice:
There is only one Original Trinity Table.
There is only one builder and one source for a Real Trinity Table.
Medical Disclaimer:
The Trinity Table process is specific only for energetic spiritual enhancement. It is not intended to treat, diagnose or heal any illness, disease or condition. The Trinity Table is not a medical device. It produces no electrical or magnetic fields. It is what is referred to as a passive motion table, providing a gentle rocking motion and a slow rotation. It is hand constructed of wood and is driven hydraulically.