Meet Victoria Lee

Victoria Lee Greetings, My name is Victoria Lee. I am a native Californian and now reside in Mount Shasta, CA.  For 34 years I lived on the east coast of the USA ; 28 of those years working as a flight attendant. I loved traveling to different parts of the world and meeting amazing people from so many different cultures. Also, while living in Florida, my interests in alternative healing evolved into a licensed massage therapy and energy healing practice. During that time, the Trinity Table was one of the most unusual healing tools I came across and personally experienced. I had no idea I would offer the Trinity Table experience in Mount Shasta, CA, however, that is exactly what happened after I moved.

Health and well-being build upon one another and therefore allow the body and the mind to support each other. The Trinity Table creates an opportunity to complement this process in many ways.  A deeper and sometimes more subtle healing vibration and frequency expands within the body as a result. Hence, the body turns inward and moves toward a relaxation response.  On a spiritual level, as one turns inward, a heightened conscious awareness is attainable . Most of all, a Heart opening can occur and healing continues at a much deeper level.

My intention is to facilitate and support each of you and, in addition, foster a sense of well-being in a safe, serene environment. It is a blessing to be in service and offer the Trinity Table. May you be empowered in all aspects of your Being-ness. Namaste…